Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Means Back to School

September has become a bittersweet time of year for me. It's back to school, which means my life is total chaos. I fill out the same emergency cards year in and year out and am scrambling for last minute supplies or even worse the dreaded request for a picture! I mean who has physical pictures anymore? Beyond that my calendar is jam-packed with fall sports and school meetings on top of my work schedule. I quickly get a sense of being overwhelmed. I barely have time to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes and other signs of the season.
However, the flip side of all this is... it's back to school! This is a time of year that should be met with renewed purpose. As a child I remember being excited for the start of the school year, it was so much fun shopping for new clothes and supplies and seeing my friends who I didn't connect with over the summer. I always viewed the new school year as a great opportunity to get back into the swing of learning.
So this year as the new Director of Education, I am going to encourage everyone to seize the moment and view this time of year with the childlike excitement it deserves! What better time to learn something new? The obvious advice is to explore something new within Neurodiagnostics. ASET has plenty of resources to help you accomplish this goal. Simply visit: www.aset.org and check out our new website. You will surely find numerous educational opportunities that fit your lifestyle with in person offerings, like our upcoming Fall seminar, and those that you can do from the comfort of your own home, for example webinars and online courses. Alternately, I challenge you to expose yourself to something brand new. Perhaps there is something that you've always been interested in but could never find the time to do? Maybe you want to learn a language, take a cooking or wine tasting class, enroll yourself back in school to complete your degree, the possibilities are endless. That is what is so exciting about this time of year!
As a strong proponent of practicing what I preach, I have enrolled in a yoga class. Fittingly, the description for the class includes the following, "No matter where we are in life we are always learning and unlearning."
I hope all of you will take some time for yourself, either professionally or personally, and embrace the opportunity to expand your horizons through learning something new.

All the best, Linda

(Below is a hilarious picture that went viral last week of a little girl's first day of school. On the left was how she went off in the morning and on the right was how she ended her day. I think we can all relate!)