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Take Time for You

It continues to be a strange year for sure! I saw a meme the other day that read, “The funniest thing about 2020 is that I thought this would all be over in 2 weeks!” I’m not sure if I thought two weeks but definitely not this long. I guess I was na├»ve living through my first pandemic. I don’t know about you but I’ve experienced a range of emotions during these months and sometimes find myself down in the dumps when confronted with our new reality. I tell my teenage daughter we can’t control some situations but we can control our reactions to them. Perhaps she’s a little bit of a control freak like me so I thought this advice would be helpful. Good news- it seems to have worked for her! Since March, she has started doing yoga, taught herself to play the guitar, and learned to cook. Amazing! I, on the other hand, have complained and, truth be told, probably drank too much wine. That’s not entirely true, what I did was enroll in “The Science of Well-Being” course at Yale. Yes, that Yale,
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The Times They Are A-Changin'

I think this year, more than ever, we have all been faced with the need to change. There are a number of quotes about change but the underlying message is the same- change can be difficult but it's unavoidable so get used to it. For me, I was poised to coordinate my first ASET Annual Conference. I planned for it to be in-person, as is our norm, and even better in sunny San Diego. Not so fast! I mean tell the truth, did anyone actually expect to be living through a pandemic? (Side note- if you answered yes, shoot me an email because I want to take you to Vegas with me!) So my plans for the Annual Conference have changed!  ASET will be hosting our first ever Virtual Conference. I'll admit this has been nerve-wracking. We have been planning and practicing, practicing and planning but I can't predict all the possible things that could go wrong. I'd like to think what else could possibly go wrong, I mean come on, a pandemic, are you kidding me? However, I am a realist (my hu

2020- Is it over yet?

COVID 19, murder hornets, what's next? Let me start out by saying I'm not a very strong blogger. I find it challenging to remember to do on a regular basis but throw in a pandemic and forget about it. So apologies for not writing this sooner but I've been elbow deep in planning ASET's first ever virtual conference. I think Faye picked the right time to retire!  Planning has been no easy feat since we've been faced with tough decisions, i.e. choosing a platform, selecting course tracks, establishing costs, etc. I initially thought we could just pick up what we do in-person and recreate it in the virtual environment. I discovered quickly this would not be the best approach. I've tried to bring knowledge of educational best practices and experience with online education to the table throughout this process. Pivoting from the traditional event has required me to attend lots and lots of virtual webinars, tutorials, and meetings. I'll admit I am a little Zoomed ou

Putting it all in perspective by special guest blogger Faye McNall, M.Ed, R.EEG T., FASET

To know Faye is to love Faye! When she reached out and asked if she could do a special guest blogger piece, of course, I welcomed it with enthusiasm. So below is what she asked me to share with you and as you can imagine it's pure gold. Thanks, Faye, and to all of you who read this blog- stay healthy! From the desk of Faye McNall: The human experience is such that we all live with stress.   Stress is part of life.   There is stress which we learn to handle all the time, such as dealing with the declining health of elderly parents, fear of a cancer screening or concern for job security.   Rarely, some of us have to cope with individual tragedies that are incredibly stressful: a house fire, a missing child.   The difference is that instead of experiencing personal stress, we are now experiencing stress as a group, a nation, a world.   Every so often, throughout history, major world events occur which trigger this kind of stress. Think of a herd, all panicking simultaneously, a

Time's Yours

I am always saying there aren't enough hours in the day. Well 2020 is a leap year so it seems I have an extra 24 hours this year! The problem is it's February already and I am not exactly sure what happened to January. I know I spent a good deal of time fielding concerns from membership about the new coding changes. At ASET we've tried to stay on top of this fluid situation. We were involved with other groups in advocacy efforts. Additionally, we created two free resources available on our website and hosted an extended webinar in January to promote awareness of the new codes. We also have a coding seminar planned at the Annual Conference this summer to examine real-life implications of these changes and what the current state is. I think the next question is how will these codes continue to be modified? I wish I had a crystal ball to answer that (and, of course, to select some winning Powerball numbers!) The best advice I can give at this point is to continue to talk to yo

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the season to be thankful but also maybe a little overwhelmed. The holidays bring with them food, family, friends, and fun. These are, of course, reasons for gratitude. However, you also probably  have a list of things to do (and buy) a mile long. I recently updated my calendar and realized I need to renew my EP credential before the end of the year. I proudly set myself a reminder for every Monday until the end of the year and when it popped up today... I hit "dismiss". Why? Obviously, I have a ton of time to get everything done (she said sarcastically!) Honestly, there are never enough hours in the day to do it all. However, if you follow this blog, I hope this serves as a timely reminder that maybe you have a credential to recertify too. With that in mind, ASET is running a coupon code good for CEUs until 12/20/19. We want you to avoid the holiday rush and inevitable 11th hour panicked phone call the week between Christmas and New Year's. We also know your mon

September Means Back to School

September has become a bittersweet time of year for me. It's back to school, which means my life is total chaos. I fill out the same emergency cards year in and year out and am scrambling for last minute supplies or even worse the dreaded request for a picture! I mean who has physical pictures anymore? Beyond that my calendar is jam-packed with fall sports and school meetings on top of my work schedule. I quickly get a sense of being overwhelmed. I barely have time to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes and other signs of the season. However, the flip side of all this is... it's back to school! This is a time of year that should be met with renewed purpose. As a child I remember being excited for the start of the school year, it was so much fun shopping for new clothes and supplies and seeing my friends who I didn't connect with over the summer. I always viewed the new school year as a great opportunity to get back into the swing of learning. So this year as the new Director of Ed